Food Justice Project

The Food Justice Project at TGRCNM exists to address the issues of food insecurity and chronic hunger in the transgender community, within a critical, social justice framework. TGRCNM is often the sole place through which our clients can access food assistance of any kind

We work to create greater access to healthy food through providing a food pantry, daily hot meals, cooking classes, nutrition classes, transportation to and assistance with accessing local food pantries, and assistance with grocery shopping and accessing SNAP benefits for any participant who wishes to access these services.

Our Values

  • We believe access to food is a human right, and choices about the frequency, variety and culturally grounding are very individual. 
  • We believe everyone is entitled to access to a variety of nutritious, regular, culturally appropriate meals.
  • We espouse body positivity and food positivity.
  • We understand that in our country, food is political and we believe creating greater access to food is a harm reduction strategy.
  • We understand that without access to basic human needs such as food, individuals experience greater difficulty in accessing other resources and one’s physical and mental health are greatly impacted.
  • Every person deserves full autonomy over what they eat and how often they eat and no one should ever go hungry.

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Carri Shook

A proud partner of

MoGro is a mobile grocery service that works to increase access to fresh foods for poor folks.

Weekly food boxes with 8 different fruits & veggies are available for a sliding scale cost of $5 to $25. EBT accepted! Contact to place an EBT order. Otherwise you can order at

Orders must be placed by the end of the day each Monday and folks can pick them up on Wednesdays from 4-6 or Thursdays from 1-6 at TGRCNM.